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Design Philosophy


Buildings aren’t common “design products”. Most of them last for more than half a century. In and around these products we live, work and move. Young and strong, old and weak, living happy moments or having hard times, so many things may occur during these years. One may have to sell or rent a beloved building. Since construction and maintenance costs are high, it’s a shame to design with short-term thinking. Shortcomings and possible design or construction failures always emerge eventually.


Good Architectural Design creates environments driven by different parameters (orientation, needs, capabilities, owner, change of some of the above over time). This provides an added value to any building.


In eveeanastasopoulou.com, we work with projects of different scale and type.


We think high of harmonious final results. We enjoy building spaces that satisfy both everyday, intellectual and cultural needs.


We love bipoles: innovative and timeless design, quality and economy in construction.


All of our services are tailor-made.