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We design everything. In any scale.


Small Scale Architecture

- Urban Design: Urban Furniture and accessories, Landscape Design

- Interiors: Furniture, Lightning, Colors and Textures Composition for private or public spaces (Houses, Shops, Offices, Hotels etc)

- Sign Studies of buildings and building complexes


Medium Scale Architecture

- Architecture Design for: Houses, Blocks of flats, Housing Complexes, Shops, Office and Public Sector Buildings

- Landscape Architecture: Reconstructions, Parks, Squares, Pedestrian Walks.

- Conservations of Buildings, Complexes and Landscape


Large Scale Architecture

- Building Complex Design (offices, housing, shops, garage) from generic to site-specific.



We design in different design stages:



A happy and creative stage for architects and clients alike. Every project’s baby steps require dialogue, approaching various scenarios, finding possible problems, proposing fitting solutions and depicting the idea in rough plans, sketches or 3ds.



Having found the project’s key concept, the Design Team (consisting usually of an Architect, a Civil and a Mechanical Engineer) takes the rough idea and works to implement it. The combined team creates a series of blueprints up to Scale 1:50 (usually an adequate level of detail up to the stage of building the walls).


Construction Design:

Detailed construction designs are produced according to the project’s nature and budget. The Design Team works on the production of special blueprints for i.e. insulation, floors, roofs, special details in construction, furniture etc.