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Research, Essay and Thesis

Experiment and Conclusions from the connection of physical and virtual space creating in that way an augmented space. According to the experiment, an installation is created in a ground floor window of a central London building. It consists of a monitor depicting a political forum on a website. The website offers a question each day and people watching it online or passing by the ground floor window in London can respond real-time. The first via emails and the latter via texting to a certain number. Both of the opinions are being uploaded instantly and the rest of the people who have contributed in the same conversation receive an email or text with what someone else said on the same subject, so that they can respond back.

Note: In 2004 mobile phones did not have access to the internet.

Project for The Bartlett School of Graduate Studies, ΜSc VE - text, sketches and pics from personal archive

Tutors: Αlasdair Turner, Alan Penn