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Research and Essay (in Greek)

Synthetic and theoretical Analysis of Spanish painter’s J.Miro «Dutch Interior Ι» , «Dutch Interior ΙΙ» and «Dutch Interior ΙΙΙ» . The three works where based upon three 17th century paintngs (H.M.Sorgh ‘s “The Lute Player”, J.Steen’s “Children Teaching a Cat to Dance,”and possibly “Woman at Her Toilet” also by J.Steen) that depict everyday family moments in interior spaces.

Project for Metsovion Polytechnion of Athens- Text from personal archive, pics (from left to right) first row: Rijksmuseum Αmsterdam, Rijksmuseum Αmsterdam, Rijksmuseum Αmsterdam, second row: Μuseum of Modern Art New York (MoMA), Guggenheim New York, Metropolitan Museum of Art New York