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Essay (in Greek)

“What should I teach? Α life philosophy?”: that was the answer of one of 20th century’s the most influential architects’ when asked to teach the students of architecture. For the things he wished to convey Le Corbusier preferred to write a book. As happens with all great people in history, they may write their thoughts in a so-called “special audience” book but practically they unveil (as L.C. himself had foreseen) a philosophy of life. This is why these books practically refer to a broader public than the one implied by the title. What follows in the text below is a presentation, architectural theoretical analysis and essay review on one of these books.

Project for Metsovion Polytechnion of Athens - Tutor: P. Tournikiotis – Essay from personal archive, pic from the cover of older English version of the book, original version (in french) here