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Concept, Design, Building Permit, Building Supervision

Complete Architectural Design from scratch and Building Supervision for a private house of four. The brief consisted of a single rule: leave the owners the option of having enough free space in the plot to build a second house in the future. Following this, the residence is being built in almost half the site available. It unfolds around a south-facing courtyard, around which the public areas of the house are placed. Architectural design is green design as the courtyard’s orientation plays a key role in defining the energy profile of the house as it assists in heating and lighting terms. The house’s private quarters, on the first floor, are depicted obviously on its exterior by the dominant protruding grey volume. Since the owners work with music, the volumes and the elevations were organized on a tight grid, based on the golden ratio rule and the playful, tonal use of a single module.

Private Client - blueprints and photos from personal archive