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Concept, Design

The building is situated on an odd plot: on the one side there is the sea and on the other (back) side there is a 20m high retaining wall with a road on top. The design evolves around two elements: the ramp and the prism. The ramp is a building with a wide sloping roof which connects the two city levels bridging the 20m height difference between them. The sloping roof, which works in that way as a pedestrian walkway – ramp, houses all the non-art needs: the administration offices, storage areas, lecture theater, café and shop. It unravels itself along the retaining wall and around the second element: the prism.

The second element, the prism, is a translucent glass cube like a precious crystal floating prominently above ground. An objet d’art itself, it houses the exhibition spaces. One can enter only via its the lower floor in a vertical move which resembles emersion.

Project for Metsovion Polytechnion of Athens - Tutor: T. Papaioannou - Blueprints, sketches and pics from personal archive