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Concept, Interaction Design, Business Plan, Presentation

“u-Glue” was a start-up business proposal for Internet Innovation Competition entitled “Innovation 2006” held by mobile phone company Otenet. The proposals were divided in two major fields: the “Innovation” and the “Business” ones. Around 40 out of 1200 proposals where chosen to proceed with a detailed Business Plan after the first round of “drafts” to the second stage. Out of them, seven projects where chosen in each category for the final stage of the competition to be presented in front of a mixed crowd of businessmen, academics and Otenet specialists. “u-Glue” was one of them in the “Innovation” section. Τhe "u-Glue project" consisted of a platform that provided people who visit a certain website with real-time (and non only) communication. Based on the principle that people who visit the same websites must have some interests in common, it provided the users with the option of chat, post-it notes on the content and showed how many of the previous visitors chose each one of the links depicted on the website.

Client: Innovation 2006 - Collaborators: D. Athanasiadis, G. Loukes-Gerakopoulos, M. Fytrakis, I. Fragkos - Images and video from personal archive

Contest: 2006, Final Presentation: 2007

Presentation video: Music score: “Funky Beat 1” by K. Vita for the soundtrack of “2” by D. Papaioannou.