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Landscaping Proposal for Ilissos Riverbed in the non-covered part of the river just before it reaches the sea, between Tavros and Kallithea area in Athens. The proposal consists mainly of a new section of the riverbed. In that way, according to how much water there is, different parts of the riverbed fill in with it. Under this scope, the dry areas can be used for different things around the year: open-air cinema, flea market area and park. But the river isn’t the only thing that flows in the riverbed: in parallel to the water runs a “river of words”. The “River of words” is an interactive installation which consists of long LED displays upon which run text messages. The messages are being sent by the passers by or the neighbors via sms or email thus creating an interactive augmented environment.

Project for Metsovion Polytechnion of Athens - Tutor: A.Rokas, D.Filippides - In collaboration with: M.Androulaki, K.Mitsoni, V. Mountzouri - blueprints and pics from personal archive