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This landscape proposal was a commission for a 9 acre plot with two wooden houses, on a west facing slope. The goal was to come up with a simple yet interesting design. The idea aimed in creating a series of organized microcosms, developing around two routes: a serpentine one for the vehicles and a straight one for the people. Beside each house is created a shelter. A series of follies and various genres "events" are spread around the plot: short thick green (a vegetable garden), medium height fruit bearing trees ( a geometrical citrus garden), a water element ( well with sitting area), a lounge area (a tailor-made corner to read for the history-lover owner), a storage shack (garden storage), tall green trees in different densities (area with tall tree) etc. Special care was taken to chose species from the local flora, as well as to create a garden which varies according to the season, by choosing deciduous and evergreen trees, with many different colors and fruiting times.

Private Client - Pics from personal archive