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Concept, Detail Design

Movable & foldable piece of tailored furniture which serves as library, storage unit and light room separator. It consists of three equal in size parts, which are being connected so that they can work independently, all together or partly, serving in that way different spatial needs. Under this concept, following only 2 steps (1. releasing the safety catch and 2.rotating the parts one wishes), the unit can form a long straight element, fold into a “Γ” or transform into a “Ζ” form. If needed, it can also be separated in two or three independent units and put in different spaces. The room separator factor lead to the choice of using polycarbonate panels for the back of the library: a translucent but not transparent material. Behind all these lies a game of contrasts: a heavy, unmovable and bulky furniture as this usually is, is here turned into a light, movable and mutable storage unit. The choice of textures was lead by treating the whole project with playful mood, a dash of humour and a slight taste for Arte Povera: the robust, definite and classy nature of wood is juxtaposed to the light blurry worthlessness of polycarbonate panels.

Private Client – Pics from personal archive