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Concept, Design, Construction design

Concept, architectural design and construction details, as a collaborator of S.Tsergas architectural office. The neoclassical building which houses the shop has an atrium covered with a glass and metal roof. The design team’s aim was to create a comfortable flight of stairs leading to the first floor and a wider Charitos street item display. From the old building we conserved the outer shell, the painted concrete tiles on the floors and the frescoes on the ceilings. The concept consists of 1. an amphitheatre-showroom-flight of stairs made out of marble and wood, wide enough to cover the whole of the atrium’s area and 2. a glass facade replacing a thin stone wall leading from the street to the entrance of the shop which is via the atrium.

Client: S.Tsergas (currently block722) – built pics from marinasfakianaki.gr, blueprints from personal archive