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Concept, Design, Construction design

Concept, architectural design and construction details, as a collaborator of S.Tsergas architectural office. The neoclassical building which houses the shop has an atrium covered with a glass and metal roof. The design team’s aim was to create a comfortable flight of stairs leading to the first floor and a wider Charitos street item display. From the old building we conserved the outer shell, the painted concrete tiles on the floors and the frescoes on the ceilings. The concept consists of 1. an amphitheatre-showroom-flight of stairs made out of marble and wood, wide enough to cover the whole of the atrium’s area and 2. a glass facade replacing a thin stone wall leading from the street to the entrance of the shop which is via the atrium.

Client: S.Tsergas (currently block722) – built pics from marinasfakianaki.gr, blueprints from personal archive

Concept, Design

Complex building including administration area, storage and logistics with parking and maneuvering area for long vehicles, as a collaborator of S.Tsergas architectural office. The company’s headquarters, which are built on the outskirts of Athens in the suburban industrial Markopoulo area, also include reception lobby, presentation auditorium and lunch area. Synthetically, it is all about 3 buildings / prisms with clear geometrical arrangements, placed in different relation to the ground: one is submerged, the other is resting and the third hovers over it. Under that scope, the storage- logistics volume uses the natural slope to hide underneath it, while its spacious roof is a green garden planted with various Mediterranean flora species. The second prism houses the lobby, auditorium and lunch areas and is built on the ground directly opposite the main entrance to the plot. Finally, the administration and offices prism floats like a pure geometric crystal above the other two. A central atrium pierces all three elements both uniting them and bringing to the deepest levels natural light and air. As we prefer to practice, Architectural Design and Energy Design match.


Client: S.Tsergas (currently block722) – pics and blueprints from personal archive

3rd Prize in open Architectural Competition, Concept

The brief was to propose a concept for the Greek socialist party’s (PA.SO.K.) local groups, which could be adapted to many different sites without losing its nerve. The proposal comprised of 4 elements: a long table, a bookcase, a screen and a glass facade. All of them rotate around vertical axis, thus creating different space variations. Four different scenarios where examined here: members meeting, party and election night. The chairs can be folded and hanged on the side wall, creating a colorful, interactive and different each time “mosaic”.

Since dialogue is the essence of politics and democracy, it is promoted in every way. Markers hang from the ceiling outside the offices’ glass facade so that passersby can write their opinion on the “glass wall”. This graffiti-like communication reminds one of the social network walls where one posts a thought or writes a comment, but in fact it is earlier than that. The Competition was due in early 2004, while e.g. Facebook went global in 2006. Moreover, physical space and virtual space dialogues mix real-time in a website which combines the two, creating in this way an augmented space for dialogue and politics.

Client: PA.SO.K. - In collaboration with L. Dima - Blueprints, Images and video from personal archive


1. Press

2. Βοοk: Ιn search of new ideas: Architecture Competition for creating Pasok Party offices, Αpril 2006, Αthens, PASOK Publications


3. TV: Presentation of the third award in the Pasok Party Offices Architecture Competition which took place in February 2005 at Benaki Museum, Piraeus Street Branch.

Existing State Design, Construction Design

Interior spaces refurbishment and elevation changes for various bank branches in many cities in Greece.

Client: Athanasopolis Architects – blueprints: indicative, from personal archive