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Concept, Design, Building Permit

Design for a single family house of 4 on a long and shallow plot, as a collaborator of Dolihos Meletitiki. Τhe few options that we were left with after the building code’s application to the odd geometry, lead to the idea: the outdoors area was divided in two almost equal sized parts and the narrow house (almost 5m) is arranged in a "Γ" shape around a backyard. The disadvantages of dividing the garden and having small area for sitting and dining though, can also turn out to be the solution: the shallow depth of the house provided us with the opportunity to unite indoors and outdoors via large glass surfaces into an airy, extended space. Living and dining room extend to the first floor via a large void above the entrance, to an open office / secondary sitting room area. A wooden bridge connects this lounge area to the bedrooms on the same floor as well as the rest of the facilities. At last, the characteristic wing-like exposed concrete element on the facade shades the building from the southern sun and beyond adding to the texture, it also implies that the building behind it isn’t as symmetrical as it may seem.

Client: Dolihos Meletitiki – blueprints and sketches from personal archive, 3d from here.

Concept, Design, Building Permit, Detail Design

Full Architectural Design for a single family house on a steep hill in Ntrafi, on the outskirts of Athens, as a collaborator of Sotiris Tsergas architectural firm. The core of the synthesis were 1. the placement of the building vertical on the hill’s steep slope so that the vast view opens before it and 2. the construction of a strong northern wall. The idea survived from scratch through to the final construction details of the lightening, master bedroom and kitchen design. Architectural design is in unison with energy design, as the house has wide openings facing south which help it keep warm during the winter, while the long balconies and canopies prevent overheating during the summertime (when the sun's orbit runs higher than in the winter). The robust wall towards the north prevents the house from omitting useful heat when it’s cold outside, while helps it cool down via the scattered small openings during the hot Greek summer. Special care was taken to design a united indoors and outdoors sitting area: the floor continues from inside to the outside while the long glass façade slides away to bring together the two. On the first floor, the master bedroom opens up to the view ahead along with the open bathroom next to it with the dominant (sunken in the slab) bathtub.

Client: S.Tsergas (currently block722) – blueprints from personal archive

Construction Design

Construction Design for a vacation house in Mykonos Island, as a collaborator of S.Tsergas architectural office. The detailing evolved along with the construction. The result was details for: Ceilings, floors, kitchen (main and assistant), 9 bathrooms, 1 master bedroom, 3 children suites, 2 guest houses, entry hallway, house entrance, fireplace, pool area, barbeque area, changing rooms and the plot’s landscape design.

Client: S.Tsergas (currently block722) – built pics from block722, blueprints from personal archive


Concept for a family house of five, in a small plot in the suburb of Stamata. Architectural design is energy design as apart from the choice of the building materials, the main elements of the design are the south facing courtyard which helps the building in lighting and heating terms and the attempt to built a detached house in a narrow and long plot.

Private Client - blueprints from personal archive